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The most cutting-edge Risk Intelligence platform


With AI algorithms and the technologies offered by Rozes, analysts can meet all legal requirements and detect potentially illegal business activities linked to organised crime, as well as hidden relationships between high-risk entities or criminal financial schemes.


Rozes continuously monitors the individual or entity under observation and provides all the information in a single location. Combined with the algorithms, Network Analysis can point out: declared and non-declared connections, the beneficial owner, and governance risks associated with specific organisations and/or individuals.


The information supplied by the Rozes Index allows you to keep an eye on suspicious organisations at all times, with highly predictive and accurate analysis aimed at fighting financial crime.

Tenders and contracts

Robots automatically collect and check tender documents in accordance with regulations and provide a detailed analysis of participants. Risk intelligence is able to immediately identify exclusion and risk factors.


With just one click you can check your entire customer and supplier portfolio in real time, highlighting risks and opportunities. Predictive analyses are used to identify the risk of engaging in relationships with potentially fraudulent and insolvent companies. This prevents reputational, legal and industrial damage.

Rozes develops the world’s most cutting-edge technologies to fight financial crime.

Patented AI algorithms

Patented AI algorithms

hanks to unique predictive information, thousands of entities are analysed in just a few seconds in order to address risks in advance.



A single tool is used for all risk analyses to boost the abilities of analysts and direct resources where they are most needed.

Custom AI algorithms

Custom AI algorithms

AI algorithms are developed according to specific customer needs to offer tailored solutions.

Rozes Intelligence PRO

Exclusive analysis tools

  • Rozes Index

    It is the only rating system in the world that classifies companies by comparing their balance sheets with those of fraudulent companies. An extremely accurate assessment is made of the risk that a business may engage in fraud, money laundering and false billing or commit bankruptcy fraud and other financial crimes.

  • Default Index

    Rozes assesses a company’s financial position by comparing it to businesses that have defaulted in the following 24 months. Almost unrivalled performance is achieved when it comes to accuracy and elimination of false positives.

  • Network Analysis

    It provides a detailed analysis of reality: it reconstructs the participatory network structure of all companies and connections between individuals in order to identify risk chains in terms of crime and default, cases of interlocking, front men, cartels, hidden beneficial owners, and hidden connections.

  • AI Generated Reports

    Rozes reduces the complexity of data: it delivers reports that describe economic and financial anomalies as well as the presumed type of crime committed by the company to be checked, suggesting appropriate actions to lower the risk.

  • Custom AI algorithms

    Rozes develops custom AI algorithms according to each customer’s data and needs.


Rozes Intelligence PRO is made up of several modules, which makes it flexible and adaptable to the expectations of each individual customer.

Rozes Intelligence PRO is the risk intelligence platform that combines information provided by Rozes, company databases and external databases in a single place.