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Rozes provides unique information, thus helping public and private organisations improve their ability to identify and assess risks in advance and make safe decisions.

Capacità di individuare e valutare il rischio

From days to seconds to analyse thousands of organisations and/or individuals

  • Law
  • Financial
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  • Contracting
Law enforcement
Quick detection of threats

Quick detection
of threats

The information supplied by the Rozes index allows you to keep an eye on suspicious organisations at all times and obtain the most accurate predictive information.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Custom Reports
and Dashboards

All information can be browsed in a single screen with geographical maps and multidimensional analyses, ensuring full control over activities.

Analysis of hidden criminal networks

Analysis of hidden
criminal networks

Rozes conducts large-scale analyses of entire geographical areas or industrial sectors. Network Analysis is a state-of-the-art tool that can be used to reconstruct the structure of hidden networks and chains showing behaviour that is very similar to criminal behaviour.

Financial institutions
Automated onboarding


Onboarding with workflow automation based on the risk profile to eliminate manual work and errors. With predictive indicators and Network Analysis, each procedure is aligned with corporate risk policies and compliant with legislation.

Innovative KYC for advanced AML

Innovative KYC for
advanced AML

With its cutting-edge AI algorithms, the Rozes Intelligence platform makes conventional red flags a thing of the past, provides full coverage of 100% of risk-based audits and exponentially increases their effectiveness.


Market risks
and opportunities

Large-scale analyses by geographical area, ATECO code (Italian classification of economic activities) and turnover provide key information that will allow you not only to monitor your customer portfolio, but also to find new business opportunities and potential areas for expansion.

Third parties: prompt checks and continuous monitoring

Third parties: prompt checks
and continuous monitoring

Rozes monitors the entire portfolio of customers and suppliers in real time. Predictive analyses are used to identify the risk of engaging in relationships with potentially fraudulent companies in order to avoid reputational, legal and industrial damage.

Explaining risks in a simple way

Explaining risks
in a simple way

Rozes gives analysts a textual description of the behaviour of a company when it is similar to that of a fraudulent company and of its default risk. The report outlines the checks recommended by law to reduce risks as well as remediation actions.

Dashboard to extract unique information from data

Dashboard to
extract unique
information from data

With the Rozes dashboard, all relevant company departments can access information in order to get a clear, comprehensive and constantly updated overview of the risks facing the organisation.

Contracting authorities
Faster data collection and analysis

Faster data collection
and analysis

The Rozes platform makes work easier and quicker by automating the collection and checking of tender documents in accordance with legal requirements, and offers a detailed analysis of each participant.

Exclusion and risk factors

Exclusion and
risk factors

Rozes Data Intelligence points out exclusion and risk factors for participants in a tender, identifying companies that fail to meet the legal requirements in a matter of seconds.

Keyword: transparency


Criminal organisations generally participate in tenders and bids through seemingly respectable companies that appear to be harmless, so that they can then operate illegally with associate companies. Network Analysis enables analysts to identify the so-called ‘risk chains’ and find out if there is a single decision-making centre.

checks and information in a single place