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Using AI to fight financial crime and manage risk intelligence

Rozes and the University of Padua have patented the world’s first AI algorithm that is able to identify fraudulent companies by looking at their balance sheets.

Financial crime is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated: Rozes provides unique tools to fight it.

Unique information

The AI algorithm detects potentially criminal and insolvent businesses in advance, eliminating false positives. It protects you from fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud and other financial crimes.

Go deeper

The illicit economy is increasingly interconnected. Rozes reconstructs the network structure of interconnected companies and relationships between individuals: it uncovers criminal schemes, risk chains, front men and cartels.

Make good decisions

The Dashboard simultaneously displays Rozes’ information assets, the company’s information assets and external databases: all risk indicators are in a single place, allowing for accurate, fast and predictive data-driven decisions.

Get answers within seconds

Rozes supplies Dashboards and Reports which, automatically and in real time, point out risk factors, forecasting indices, context analysis, and networks of associations showing behaviour that is very similar to criminal behaviour.

Utmost flexibility

The Rozes platform has an innovative modular architecture: it solves problems in a flexible and customised way by adding all the services and information you need.

You can only protect yourself from what you see: Rozes provides information that is normally invisible.

Rozes turns financial data into powerful intelligence tools to deliver unparalleled security for your company

Thanks to exclusive and patented quantitative analyses applied to certified financial data, it is now possible to predict and mitigate the risks associated with criminal behaviour, ensuring due diligence, KYC, investigations and AML at a higher level.

Accurate quick and predictive decisions